Stone House Dogs

Premium dog boarding in the Hudson Valley

We are Kate and Mark

I am a New Yorker and my husband Mark is originally from London. We started boarding dogs in our London home over 15 years ago and now we are offering our premium personal dog boarding service in the Hudson Valley.

We offer a safe, healthy and loving environment for dogs from New York City and beyond. All our guest dogs become full members of the pack and are treated as part of our extended family.

Our property is 10 acres of paddock and stream, 80 miles from Manhattan and just 15 minutes from the NY Thruway. Transport to and from the city is available at a nominal charge.

All guest dogs live with us and are given full run of our house. At night the pack all sleep together on their beds in our large farmhouse kitchen equipped with under floor heating. During the day, play time activity is provided every 2 hours, always monitored by either Kate or Mark.

New guests are encouraged to visit with their owners for a ‘meet and greet’ so as to make sure that it will be a good fit for all.

24/7 care
Large house
Field and stream
No other pets

Services and Pricing

We offer dog boarding, with a pick-up and drop-off service within the Manhattan area.


Any stay including an overnight and up to 24 hrs. Minimum 3-night stay.

Our boarding rate is $65

Pet Transport

We offer a pick-up and drop-off service within Manhattan.

Monday through Friday 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Pick up and drop off $130

Meet the Regulars

We have many guests who have been frequent visitors for several years.
It is a great joy for them and us when they meet and reunite.


Soccer champion. He can bend it like Beckham


The 12 hamburger a day gentle giant who has absolutely no idea just how big he is.


Born and raised in Brooklyn. Arthur has seen it all.


Educated in lower Manhattan, but now making a life for himself upstate. Abe can talk and hold an audience like no other.


A high maintenance city girl who likes to roll around in the dirt.


A Jersey boy with a serious passion for Frisbee.


Home is next to the finest Art in the World, but Scout will always choose the Park over a Pollock.


Could easily be mistaken for a Park Avenue puff ball but don’t judge a pooch by his puff. Take note of his name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Hopefully this will help, but if there’s anything else you want to ask us about, call us at 845-594-9774.

General questions

This is an opportunity for you to visit us with your dog, see our set up and perhaps meet some of our guests. We hope you will leave confident that your dog will be safe and happy with us.

For new clients we require 50% deposit at the time of reservation and the outstanding balance paid by at the end of the stay. Subsequent visits can all be settled at the end of each stay. Sales tax @ 8% is applied to all invoices.


Yes only dogs.

No. There are specific breeds that we will not accept, ones that have a tendency for aggression and are socially awkward. Please contact us for details.

Most importantly, we will contact you immediately. We have a very good relationship with The New Paltz Animal Hospital. At the time of reservation, we request details of your vet so that they can be contacted for medical records if required.

Yes. We send regular photos to you. Just provide us with the cell number or email address.

No, but we can arrange for a vet tech to visit and give a mani pedi.

Contact Us

Please call us or use our contact form to submit your questions and/or comments.

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